Starting to work on your relationships can suck!

You have spent years in school learning about who did what for your country, how the economy works, what’s behind your skin, where you can travel once you have your own money, everything you need to have a career. You know so many things about this world!

When it comes to relationships you are on autopilot, just mimicking behaviours you’ve seen around you – parents, teachers, friends, family, colleagues…

Conflict is a dirty word and you would do anything to avoid it. You would rather give yourself to a lion than speak your mind. Anyone who criticizes gets on the blacklist.

And yet you are longing for ease, acceptance and harmony. Having a bonding experience with loved ones. Acting more genuinely without triggering defensive or aggressive reactions in your colleagues. Listening more deeply and understanding the feelings and needs that drive behaviours.


Are you overwhelmed with the amount of tension and conflict in your relationships?

Are you frustrated that the anger takes the best of you?

Do you wish that at least someone listen to you and understand you?

You are so in the right place!

Madi Mihalcea, Nonviolent Communication, improve relationships

So how do you get over the hopelessness and heal your relationships?

That’s where I come in. My name is Madi Mihalcea, dialogue facilitator and trainer, sharing the teachings of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the principles of Compassionate Communication. I help anyone who wants (besides children raised with the newest methods of parenting and a home for Pinterest) relationships based on common values, harmony, and communication, at home and in the office.

I strongly believe in the power of empathy on the dynamics of a relationship, but I also believe in learning strategies that keep the connection and communication even – or especially – at times when it is difficult to see each other different from the someone who wants to hurt us.

Although most people around me do not study empathic communication, they see how the quality of the connection between us increases with each interaction. At first, I was a little discouraged when others did not respond to my urge to study empathic dialogue. I have learned, on the other hand, that any relationship is a couple (two) relationship. Even in a group, there is no relationship between me and the group. In fact, I have a relationship with each of the group members. And each duo is actually formed of three relationships – the one between the two of us, my relationship with myself and the relationship of others with oneself. Each of these relationships has an impact on the other two and I have seen how my perseverance in learning and applying the principles and steps of empathic dialogue has led to a metamorphosis.

At the same time, I am aware that wherever I go, with everyone else I interact in my everyday life, the energy I take from each of my relationships will influence the results I have.

How would it be for you to see how the most important relationships for you flourish and any misunderstanding becomes an opportunity to connect? Imagine what it would be like to stay calm and confident that you will come to a solution that will please all parties, equally, no matter how big the difference of opinion…

better conversations, nonviolent communication, Madi MihalceaHere are some of my sample workshop topics:

  • recognize and transform the behaviours that no longer serve you
  • manage your judgments and criticism
  • have difficult conversations with courage, trust, and hope
  • hear what others are saying “yes” to when they say “no”
  • making requests and getting to “win-win” solutions
  • discover the freedom to ask for what you want
  • deal with challenging behaviours from others
  • neutralizing your inner critical voice
  • befriend your anger
  • heal your shame and guilt
  • understand the needs behind the criticism
  • face your fears and limiting beliefs
  • make choices driven by your values
  • connect with needs and meeting needs with ease
  • deal with your feelings and emotions
  • discover your stability from being in the present moment
  • practice deep and radical listening
  • set, nurture and protect your personal boundaries
  • value, own and express your vulnerability
  • develop skills for emotional self-care and resilience
  • make requests without demands
  • listen empathically to others and yourself
  • heal relationships
  • create true collaboration from a place of trust

For other topics, please contact me – I enjoy developing workshops.

Other things about me (more or less interesting):

  • I live in Bucharest, Romania, but thanks to technology you can attend my events from anywhere in the world
  • I am a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication from Ohio, U.S.A.
  • I am the co-founder of NVC Connect, an international platform for all those who want to learn, practice, and teach Nonviolent Communication. Here are the interviews I recorded for this project.
  • I love teaching, but I hate theory, so all my workshops and materials are based on a lot of exercises and practice
  • I value the privacy and peace of mind (mine or others’), so you will receive materials from me only when I have something to say
  • I read all the messages I get via the website or on Facebook and I do my best to reply to all as soon as possible
  • My man and I have been together since 2007 and we have a cat
  • I love learning different things from different areas of life. Sometimes I decide to apply those learnings like I did with this website – it’s a DIY project and I am really proud of it. 🙂
  • After memorizing tons of information to get into the Medical University and after learning other tons of information in the first year there, I decided to quit, because I realized that wasn’t the way I wanted to help people
  • This list will be updated from time to time, so come back 😉
  • Or, if you can’t wait for an update, just send me a message through the contact page

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