Madi Mihalcea dialogue facilitator conflict resolution

Starting to work on your relationships can suck!

You have spent years in school learning so many things about this world! However, it comes to relationships you are on autopilot, just mimicking behaviors you’ve seen around – parents, teachers, friends, family, colleagues.

While you are doing the best that you can, something is lacking. You are longing for ease, acceptance, and harmony. Having a bonding experience with loved ones. Acting more genuinely without triggering defensive or aggressive reactions in your colleagues. Listening more deeply and understanding the feelings and needs that drive behaviors.


madi mihalcea

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of tension and conflict in your relationships?

Are you frustrated that the anger takes the best of you?

Do you wish that at least someone listen to you and understand you?

You are so in the right place!


So how do you get over the hopelessness and heal your relationships?

That’s where I come in. My name is Madi Mihalcea, dialogue facilitator and trainer in compassionate communication. I help anyone who wants (besides children raised with the newest methods of parenting and a home for Pinterest) relationships based on common values, harmony, and communication, at home and in the office.

I strongly believe in the power of empathy on the dynamics of a relationship, but I also believe in learning strategies that keep the connection and communication even – or especially – at times when it is difficult to see each other different from the someone who wants to hurt us.

How would it be for you to see how the most important relationships for you flourish and any misunderstanding becomes an opportunity to connect? Imagine what it would be like to stay calm and confident that you will come to a solution that will please all parties, equally, no matter how big the difference of opinion…

madi mihalcea


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