EmpaTea Session – every 1st and 3rd Saturday

17/02/2018 @ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Zoom.us (online video call)
Madi Mihalcea & NVC Connect
EmpaTea Session - every 1st and 3rd Saturday @ Zoom.us (online video call)

Time & Space for Practicing & Receiving Empathic Listening (over a cup of Tea)

Event supported by NVC Connect.

REGISTER HERE https://mailchi.mp/da52469763f6/empateasessions

Do you want a space where someone will just listen to what’s alive in you?

When it’s your time to speak, you…
… get clarity on what’s a stimulus for you.
… explore what’s alive in you and what needs or yours are being met or not.
… mourn or/and celebrate.
… have the presence of someone giving you empathic listening, without judgements, criticism or unsolicited advice.

Are you also willing to contribute to someone’s well-being by giving them your undivided attention?

When it’s your time to listen to your partner, you…
… contribute to the other’s need for presence, empathy, and space.
… have the opportunity to offer them safety for being authentic and vulnerable.
… get in touch with the wonders of being a human being and the miracle of connection between us.
… practice your empathic listening and reflecting, enriching your vocabulary of needs and feelings (if you are new to NVC).


Zoom video call format (zoom.us).
Each session will last around 1 hour.
On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.
The cup of tea is NOT included. 🙂 You come with your own cup.
During the call, all the participants will be split into groups of 2 (two) people who will listen to each other, in turns, for a set time.


10 AM New York (EST)
3 PM London
4 PM Central Europe (CET)
5 PM Eastern Europe (EET)
8.30 PM India (IST)

REGISTER HERE https://mailchi.mp/da52469763f6/empateasessions


Madi Mihalcea, co-founder of NVC Connect, freelance trainer. I am sharing the teachings of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the principles of Compassionate Communication since 2016. I help anyone who wants (besides children raised with the newest methods of parenting and a home for Pinterest) relationships based on common values, harmony and communication, at home and in the office.

I strongly believe in the power of empathy on the dynamics of a relationship, but I also believe in learning strategies that keep the connection and communication even – or especially – at times when it is difficult to see each other different from the someone who wants to hurt us.


Here are your options:
Spread the word. Tell others about our work and encourage them to join.
Transcribe in English and/or translate (parts of) the videos we have on our YouTube channel.
Offer us your expertise. If you are following our activity & believe you can contribute to NVC Connect send us a message on our Facebook page.
Donate via PayPal. We will be able to pay the subscriptions we use to keep the NVC Connect project going and make it available to as many people as possible. In each email, you will have the link to the donation page. You choose the amount.
For questions, reply to any of our emails.

Your contribution will support NVC Connect to spread Nonviolent Communication into the world.


Before registering, please…
…make sure you know what Nonviolent Communication is and its 4 steps and 2 processes.
…understand and accept that the other participants might be at different levels of understanding and practising NVC.
…do your best to respect the instructions and guidelines of the facilitator. We want everyone’s needs to be met.

REGISTER HERE https://mailchi.mp/da52469763f6/empateasessions