Articulate your challenges, ideas or doubts

SO THAT you gain clarity on your priorities and break free from indecision.

Vent and say what’s on your mind

SO THAT you glide your way to a calmer self
and face whatever life throws at you in a more productive way.

Experience feeling heard, seen and understood

SO THAT you become grounded
and improve your mood dramatically.

When you really listen to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding, it’s like giving them emotional oxygen.


I am Madi Mihalcea and I am a professional empathic listener who supports fellow human beings to fill their “emotional oxygen” tanks.

I believe in becoming more aware and intentional in experiencing life and relationships by being authentic and allowing ourselves to talk about what’s alive in us.

Give me 50 minutes and I will create for you a safe and quiet space to express yourself and be your authentic you. How? By being 100% present with you, validating your feelings and needs, and showing unconditional respect for your choices.

“Working with Madi is like having a caring friend in your corner, who shows up and is present and clearly committed to supporting you and helping you to grow. I have received the empathy and care I was so longing for – and her summaries [in the follow-up emails] helped me to really pay attention to what I was wanting to work on.”

– Stephanie King, Miami, FL

“I’ve had countless revelations and now I know myself better. I received empathy and understanding in very difficult moments over which I would not have been able to pass by myself. “

– Maria Icleanu, Romania

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