Welcome! What would support you best today?

If you want:
– to VENT
– to gain RELIEF
– your words and actions received with RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING
If you are ready to:
– SEE yourself with empathy and honesty
– TAKE full ownership of your actions
– ACT more in alignment with your values and goals.

Hi! I am Madi. As a professional empathic listener and a self-leadership educator, I support fellow human beings to fill their “emotional oxygen” tanks and create thriving lives based on their values.

I believe in becoming more aware and intentional in experiencing life and relationships by being authentic and allowing ourselves to talk about what’s alive in us.

Give me 50 minutes and I will create for you a safe and quiet space to express yourself and be your authentic you. How? By being 100% present with you, validating your feelings and needs, and showing unconditional respect for your choices.

” By telling all those things, it made me acknowledge them at a deeper level and be more aware of my reactions. I was very satisfied with your clarity. “

– Diana D.

” I felt listened to and understood, and the information was clear and structured, and I was able to assimilate it easily.”

– Adela M.

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