⌚ Give me 30 minutes, and I will give you one or two tangible personalized tips for navigating your next difficult conversation. πŸ’¦πŸ”₯

[It’s all FREE. NO pitch at the end. The whole session is for you and about you!]

You are not alone. 😁 Most of us haven’t been given a crash course in relationships, managing conflict or communicating both with honesty and compassion. Too many people struggle with having difficult conversations with courage, trust, and hope, ending up desperate and exhausted.

It’s my genuine desire to help you start:
βœ” making choices that allow you to live in alignment with your values 😊
βœ” discovering the freedom to ask for what you want πŸ˜‰
βœ” dealing with challenging behaviors – yours or from others 😜
βœ” creating true collaborations from a place of trust 😊

During our FREE video call:
βœ” you are in a nonjudgemental space to speak about what you’re currently experiencing in your life and/or relationship(s) and what you’d rather have instead
βœ” you get clarity on what might be holding you back from creating a life/relationship you want
βœ” you will receive one or two personalized short strategies so that you can make a little bit more progress

As a dialogue facilitator and companion in self-leadership, I can give a spot-on tip to use in your next challenging situation.

“By telling all those things, it made me acknowledge them at a deeper level and be more aware of my reactions. I was very satisfied with your clarity. Keeping your part very short and clear helped me structure my ideas better.

Diana D.

Don’t see any time on my calendar that works for you? Contact me and we will find a time to connect!