“By telling all those things, it made me acknowledge them at a deeper level and be more aware of my reactions. I was very satisfied with your clarity. Keeping your part very short and clear helped me structure my ideas better.”

– Diana D.

“I’ve had countless revelations and now I know myself better. I received empathy and understanding in very difficult moments over which I would not have been able to pass by myself.

I recommend Madi wholeheartedly, especially to mothers, because there are many in the situation where I was myself – a couple’s life changes with the arrival of children and it’s helpful to see things from a different perspective than we are accustomed doing.”

– Maria I.

“I felt calm and excited. Sometimes a little nervous, I reverberated strongly with some of the things you said. That’s why I want to thank you for the examples from your personal life. They gave me clarity.
I notice an improvement in how I manage and communicate my emotions with every exercise I do. So the exercises were extremely useful to me!”

– Oana T.

“The key word is gratitude. Because I appreciate your effort and I enjoyed the presence of the participants who were not accidentally there, I think – a beautiful, warm atmosphere of empathy was created. 🙂 The course was useful and clear, well structured. I liked it and I learned the process of appreciation with ease and I was well aware of the idea that being empathetic does not mean agreeing. 🙂 I have become aware of certain aspects of my limits as a human being, the points I must work on. I felt compassionate and left the motivated and confident seminar. The organization is definitely a strong point – very-well organized in every respect – respect for the program, communication, desktop. Thanks a lot!”

– Daria M.

“It [the session] was helpful in a way that topics were strictly kept to the living example, so it was very close to my everyday situation, rather than just theory or concept level.”

– Asako k.

“Dear Madi,
You are a human miracle, and I am grateful for meeting you! I’ve been impressed by your professionalism and warmth ever since your first e-mail.
When I signed up, I needed practical answers about empathic communication. In fact, the answers have come. During the course, I felt listened and understood, and the information was clear and structured, and I was able to assimilate it easily. Above all, the information you transmit to us is applicable. I discovered this right after the course, applying some principles in the sphere of my personal life. 🙂
Thank you!”

– Adela M.

“I’ve discovered a new valence in my relationship with my fiance. I’ve discovered him more and I think he discovered me too.”

– Oana D.