Madi Mihalcea - Virtual Assistant

I’m Madi, your Virtual Assistant, from Bucharest, Romania.

I create ease and momentum for business owners by taking care of their administrative tasks and freeing hours upon hours per week for them.

Channel your energy into money-making activities and high-value opportunities, not on boring and repetitive tasks.

More free time and head-space for your business development, self-care, family, and fun.

I offer both done-with-you and done-for-you services so that you accomplish what you want in your business with more ease and speed.

Done-with-You Services:

Tasks that usually involve setting up an account for you so that you are ready to use it regularly. It is done once per platform and we meet online via Zoom.

The reason for the done-with-you services is the number of micro-decisions they require from you.

Setting up accounts for:
online schedulers – Acuity, Calendly, etc.
newsletters – Mailchimp, MailerLite, Flodesk, etc.
social media pages and groups – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Done-for-You Services:

Website Updates– pages, blog posts, text editing
Internet Research – collecting data for content creation (blog posts, podcasts) or decision making (which online payment systems are there and what’s the difference between them, for example)
Visual Design Support – visuals & graphics for social media, website, presentations, etc.
Online Events Support – most of the things you need for you to offer webinars, online workshops, and presentations.
Basic Email Marketing Support – so that your newsletters reach your audience in time and with accuracy
Basic Social Media Support – on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

Click HERE for a detailed list for each of them.

What I DON’T do:

content writing, copywriting, marketing strategy, selling strategy, web design, travel bookings, any task that implies making decisions for you, any task that implies making purchases for you, etc.

Keep in mind that a Virtual Administrative Assistant cannot handle tasks that are the responsibility of other types of virtual staff, like graphic designers, web developers, video and audio editors, content writers, copywriters, SEO experts, etc.


1 hour

Perfect for testing the services.

5 hours


10 hours


By clicking the Buy Now button you agree with the Terms of Service.

To be used within 30 days from the date of purchase.


  • any tasks I feel competent to do
  • processing of your task – reading what you sent me, understanding it, preparing a list of clarifying questions or things that I need and you haven’t sent with the task (the clearer the task the shorter the time spent on this phase)
  • communication between us (emails, meetings, comments, answering questions, giving estimates, etc.)

The time is deducted by the minute, i.e., if you purchased one hour and I spend 27 minutes on your task(s), you still have 33 minutes available.

By clicking the Buy Now button you agree with the Terms of Service.

It feels so good to feel supported!

Madi doesn’t just do what I request, but she really thinks about it and also offers suggestions or other ways of doing it. I LOVE how positive she is and how attentive to details. I don’t have to double-check her work like I feared I’d have to with a VA.

I came into this relationship with a desire for help on the back-end and got a partner caring about my growth and my business growth. This allowed me to focus on what I love to do instead of what I had to do and saved me so much time.

Tricia Bolender