Madi Mihalcea

More flow, ease, and rest for you.


Madi Mihalcea

More flow, ease, and rest for you.

Madi Mihalcea | Virtual Assistant (VA)

Hi! I’m Madi, your Virtual Administrative Assistant, from Bucharest, Romania.

I create ease and momentum for coaches by setting up systems that allow them to bring their online training programs to life.

I’m here to offer you support with the administrative tasks that need to get done to run a successful, smooth business.

I’m specialized in researching, creating, and customizing workflows, checklists, and templates for you to have effective, harmonious, nurturing partnerships with your clients.

I have over 5 years of experience working virtually and independently, so it has become natural for me to create systems to improve efficiency for both my clients and me.

Outsource your office duties, reclaim your time, and do only what you do best and enjoy.

Online Events Support:

→ setting up a workflow and email templates for interacting with your participants from registration to the follow-up after the event

→ email customer support

→ teaching platform support (usually Zoom)

→ social media promotion (*with the content you provide*)

→ handouts (basic design) with the text and images you provide

→ PowerPoint presentation design with the text and images you provide

Executive Assistance:

Email management:

→ creating basic email templates for every step in your relationship with your clients (e.g. before and after the discovery call, on-boarding as a client, sending deliverables, sending reminders, etc)

→ creating a professional email signature

→ checking email

→ responding to your clients’ basic questions and inquiries

→ sending reminders to your clients

→ sending thank you emails

→ managing spam

Calendar management:

→ setup of scheduling systems

→ establishing a calendar system

Customer service:

→ responding to customers inquiries

→ ask clients for feedback and processing it into testimonials for your services

→ sending reminders for payments to your clients

→ communicating with customer care representatives of the systems and products you use for tech support, refund issues, etc.

Digital files organization (photos, documents, etc)

Basic Visual Design:

→ social media visuals, graphics

→ PowerPoint slides design

→ PDFs: printables, workbooks, worksheets, guides, etc.

NOTE: you provide the text, images (optional, I can search for images), color codes, fonts, etc.

Basic Email Marketing Support:

→ setup of accounts, systems, and processes [platforms known best: MailChimp, MailerLite]

→ basic newsletter design and editing

→ review and streamline procedures

→ systems and organization management

→ landing pages

NOTE: you provide the text, images (optional, I can search for images), color codes, fonts, etc.

Internet Research:

→ researching on important data, statistics, and facts for meetings, presentations, services, products, blogs, decisions, etc

→ keyword search

→ image and chart search

→ rates and prices search

→ create Pinterest boards on specific topics

→ job descriptions search

→ any other web search that you don’t have time for

Basic Social Media Support:

→ schedule posts on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

→ maintain the editorial calendar

→ setup of Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram or Twitter accounts

→ Facebook group management (posting, engaging, making sure the guidelines are respected)

NOTE: you provide the text, images (optional, I can search for images), color codes, fonts, etc.

What I DON’T do:

content writing


marketing strategy

selling strategy

web design

travel bookings

audio editing

video editing

any task that implies making decisions for you

any task that implies making purchases for you


Keep in mind that a Virtual Administrative Assistant cannot handle tasks that are the responsibility of other types of virtual staff, like graphic designers, web developers, video and audio editors, content writers, copywriters, SEO experts, etc.

Not sure if what you want is (not) in this category? No problem. I will let you know each time. Just ask. 🙂

My current rate is US$20 / hour

The payment is done weekly, through PayPal.

You will receive a report on Friday with the tasks done and the amount calculated per minute (e.g. if a task takes me 16 minutes, you will pay for 16 minutes, not for an hour).

There is no minimum amount of hours per week.

The contract includes, among others, a 1-month trial, a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Ownership Agreement.

I work with introverted coaches and educators who:

→ prioritize the interaction and connection with their participants and clients instead of trying to automate all aspects of their business

→ choose to first have 1:1 online meetings and live online events with a small group of people, then create recorded workshops or courses

→ are aware that the ‘free’ in a “freebie” is not free; an email address is a valuable piece of data, and a “free opt-in” is a form of bribery

→ avoid “charm pricing” and psychological pricing, so they price their services and products $15, $60 or $1000 instead of $14.95, $59 or $997

→ create offers for the highest good of everyone involved

Interested? Let’s meet and decide if we are a good fit!

Send me a message through the form below. I will reply to you in 1-2 business days with a link to my calendar so you can book a time that woks best for you.

Your email address will be used for replying to your inquiry, nothing else.

Write N/A or something similar if you don't have an online presence yet.
Madi's answer to this question: I work best with people who have a strong work ethic, take ownership for their part in working with a virtual assistant, and have an empathetic heart.
Madi's answer to this question: Personally, I have a hard time working with clients who struggle to take advice or be decisive and make executive decisions.
Madi's answer to this question is: I work Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Bucharest Time. For long-term clients, I use Trello. For one-off tasks I use email.