Read the FAQs below and apply for a partnership through the form at the end of this page. If you still have questions, you can always contact me.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

🙋 What are the themes we can cover?

Here are some topics I usually explore with my clients:

✔ have difficult conversations with courage, trust, and hope

✔ hear what others are saying “yes” to when they say “no”

✔ discover the freedom to ask for what you want

✔ deal with challenging behaviors from others

✔ befriend your anger, shame, and guilt

✔ face your fears and limiting beliefs

✔ make choices driven by your values

✔ set, nurture and protect your personal boundaries

 listen empathically to others and yourself

✔ create true collaboration from a place of trust

…and much more.

🙋 What can I expect from a session with Madi?

✔ 100% dedicated support and attention for the time we are together

pre- and post-session dialogue on email for logistics (bookings, clarifications, follow-ups)

✔ 5-10 minutes of empathic listening to start each session

✔ a follow-up email with a summary of our session

✔ recommendations tailored to your unique situation

🙋 What types of people are a good fit for Madi’s sessions?

My ideal clients are people who:

➤ have the desire and personal will to change

➤ are aware there is no quick fix, that the quality of their lives and their relationships have deteriorated over weeks or even years and can’t be mended in one hour

➤ make time and commit to putting in the work necessary for change

➤ show up with an open mind and curiosity

➤ trust Madi enough, to be honest, and open

🙋 What can Madi guarantee?

The results in your life rely on the actions and, ultimately, the commitment and work done by you. No guarantee or warranty is made regarding the results of my sessions. The tips, suggestions, and recommendations are tips, suggestions, and recommendations only. Do your homework and make decisions that feel right for you.

🙋 Is this a type of therapy?

NO. The sessions with me are not related to any form of therapy, nor should they be interpreted as such. For counseling and related advice, please seek the support of a qualified therapist.

I am a facilitator. I am creating a safe space for you to explore your celebrations, mournings, and possibilities.

“When we internalize the difference between how I feel in all my wisdom
and what I do in a values-aligned action, we generate the pathway to our best selves via our emotions.”

Susan David Ph.D. in her TED Talk “The gift and power of emotional courage”

🙋 How long are the sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes long.

🙋 How is a session structured?

A session is 50 minutes long and contains 4 phases.

Phase #1: You have a safe space to open your heart – no judgments, no criticism, no interruptions. The first 5-10 minutes of the sessions are for you to vent and tell everything that’s alive in you.

Phase #2: Before sharing with you what it would work in your case, I make sure I have clarity around what’s happening for you. I quickly check I heard you correctly and I identified your feelings & needs.

Phase #3: We explore together what worked or didn’t work for you so far, and possible next strategies.

Phase #4: You commit to 1-2 strategies until next time we meet.

🙋 What are the sessions times?

I offer as much flexibility as I can. You will express your favorite time and day in the booking form and I will do my best to accommodate you. Recurring clients have priority.

🙋 What time zone is Madi in?

I am in the Eastern European Standart Time (EEST).

🙋 What is the Confidentiality Policy?

Confidentiality, truth, and respect are the core of all my work and sessions.

I imagine the difficulty of sharing personal things with a stranger and how vulnerable you probably feel. I take it very seriously and I feel honored by your trust. I assure you that what we are going to discuss will only remain between us, and the notes I will take, besides keeping them safe, will not have any of your personal data.

🙋 How do we meet?

Via platform (free, online, available for desktop and mobile). You choose if you prefer a video call or an audio-only call. If you haven’t used Zoom, let me know and I will give you the exact simple steps to join a meeting.

🙋 Do I have to book a number of sessions at once?

No. I don’t see why booking and paying for 10-20 sessions when you can reach your goal in, let’s say, 8 sessions.

🙋 How much does a session cost?

Pay-what-it-feels-right. I don’t put a price on my work – not because I don’t bring value, but because I can’t know what that session means to you. So, at the end of each session, you will decide the amount.

That being said, this is not a way to get “free” sessions. I still live in a world where money is a primary currency, and it helps me pay for housing, food, business services and other fundamentals.

🙋 OK, how do I decide how much to gift you?

I suggest you answer these questions honestly (listen to your heart, not the “shoulds” in your head):

❶ How much can you offer over a certain period that can help Madi meet her needs for sustainability, ease, and fun in her life?

❷ Is there an amount too large that would cause distress if you were to offer it?

❸ Is there an amount too small that would cause distress for not valuing Madi as a person?

❹ Is there an amount somewhere in between?

❺ If you were to offer that amount, would it make it impossible for you to meet your own material needs? (if yes, go back to 1.)

❻ Are you able to offer this amount wholeheartedly?

If this is too complicated, just go with the first number that pops up in your head. 🙂

🙋 How can I learn more or get a quick question answered?

Please message me if you have any questions or concerns about working together. If there is a quick answer to address your need, I am happy to help via email rather than scheduling a full consulting session.

🙋 What are others saying after working with Madi?

“It [the session] was helpful in a way that topics were strictly kept to the living example, so it was very close to my everyday situation, rather than just theory or concept level.” – Asako, U.K.

“By telling all those things, it made me acknowledge them at a deeper level and be more aware of my reactions. I was very satisfied with your clarity. Keeping your part very short and clear helped me structure my ideas better.” Diana D., Romania

“I’ve had countless revelations and now I know myself better. I received ideas of precious solutions. I received support to put into practice the theory I knew. I received empathy and understanding in very difficult moments over which I would not have been able to pass by myself.

I recommend Madi wholeheartedly, especially to mothers, because there are many in the situation where I was myself – a couple’s life changes with the arrival of children and it’s helpful to see things from a different perspective than we are accustomed doing.”

– Maria Icleanu, Waldorf educator, mum of two

For more testimonials go to this page.

🙋 I am ready. What’s the next step?

Complete the form below and send it to me. I will review your answers and decide if I can help you. You will have my final answer within 2 business days.