Boundaries of Steel, Unwavering Love

A session to brainstorm and plan your words and actions so that you make choices from a place of wholeheartedness and have uncomfortable conversations with more courage, trust, and hope.

✔ Tweak your beliefs and mindset and deal gracefully with the challenging behaviors (of yours or other people).

Befriend your anger, guilt, and shame, then set goals and boundaries from a place of self-empathy and acceptance.

✔ Fine-tune your habits and live in alignment with your needs and goals.

✔ Have a trusted empathic ally so you can speak openly and find the best solutions for yourself.

In our 50 minutes together, you will discover how you can ask for what you want with grace and how to nurture more honesty, connection, and acceptance in your relationships.


When a “Boundaries of Steal, Unwavering Love” session might be helpful:

➤ Having a hard time dealing with criticism, denial of responsibility, comparisons, shaming or punishment (in others and yourself).

Not being able to find the right words to explain what you feel and need in a way the other person stays open to listening to you.

➤ Demanding or receiving demands instead of requests.

Becoming defensive or withdrawing when the other person expresses displeasure with something you did or said.

➤ Dealing with self-judgment and lack of motivation in doing things you know can improve your life.

➤ Taking care of your needs and setting loving boundaries without guilt.

Some of the outcomes of a session:

➤ Slowing down, having a higher perspective on the situation, and preparing yourself for the next move.

➤ Having a sense of choice in responding (not reacting) to the issue at hand.

Focusing on getting your needs met and expressing them in a respectful way.

Being transparent about how you feel and what you request is.

➤ Being able to understand the other person’s needs and requests, beyond their emotions, judgments or criticism.

Staying curious, not judgmental of, the other person’s reactions.

“When we internalize the difference between how I feel in all my wisdom
and what I do in a values-aligned action, we generate the pathway to our best selves via our emotions.”

Susan David Ph.D.
in her TED Talk “The gift and power of emotional courage”

How to know if “Boundaries of Steel, Unwavering Love” is a good fit for you:

➤ You have the willingness to challenge your assumptions about behavior and human interactions, in general.

➤ You make time to reflect and answer the questionnaire you receive after booking and give me details about your situation so that, when we meet, we focus on strategies rather than the story. [15 minutes]

You are aware there is no quick fix, that the quality of your life/relationships have deteriorated over weeks or even years and can’t be mended in a 50-minute session (usually).

➤ You make time and commit to reflecting on and applying what we discuss in our session together.

➤ You read the User Agreement thoroughly.

Working with Madi is like having a caring friend in your corner, who shows up and is present and clearly committed to supporting you and helping you to grow. I have received the empathy and care I was so longing for – and her summaries [in the follow-up emails] helped me to really pay attention to what I was wanting to work on.

She brightens my life and helps me to be brave in facing aspects of myself that frighten me and feel difficult. I have gained some clarity and willingness to ask for the help that I want.

I recommend Madi without reservation and wholeheartedly to anyone wanting to grow and learn more about self-care.

– Stephanie King, Miami, Fl


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