How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed. Start Doing!

Madi Mihalcea

Use this 4-step process, get more clarity on your tasks, and start working on your goals right now. Stop feeling paralyzed thinking about all the things you have to do. Overcome procrastination and regain your momentum.


Most of the time, you feel overwhelmed because you try to keep EVERYTHING in mind – routines, weekly activities, chores, work tasks, birthdays, holidays, gifts to buy, thinks to pack, meds to take, things to pick up, meetings and agendas, follow-ups, concerns, wishes, what’s healthy to eat, tracking water intake and number of steps. Both big things and little things that keep building up.

Your brain is using a tremendous amount of energy to juggle these things and to remember them, distracting you from the tasks at hand. Your productivity plummets. So does your patience and self-esteem.

You’d better take a pen and a piece of paper or open a new document on your computer or mobile device and write everything that’s on your mind. Take your time with this step.


The goal here is to put a line through as many items as possible that are out of your control and/or don’t bring you joy. This step means you will start setting boundaries with yourself and others and that you will start saying NO.

Keep on your list:
– anything that is in your control, like paying the rent and bills.
– anything that is important in the long run, like calling mum or scheduling special time with your kids.
– anything that would make your life more wonderful, like a chat with a dear friend or enjoying a cup of your favorite tea; if you don’t have any items of this kind, add them now. Self-care is important!


Reframe the things on your list that you don’t like.

You reframe by writing the WHY. What is/ can be good about this situation? What needs does it help you meet? Why is important to do these things?

For example, I had a client who hated paying rent. She didn’t like it because she imagined how she would have spent that money on other things. By paying rent, she couldn’t meet her needs of financial security or fun.

By reframing, she realized the rent gave her the opportunity to live in an area that she liked, but where she couldn’t afford to buy a house. By paying rent for this apartment, she met her needs of ease in her commute and relaxation through the park nearby.

She realized that by having ease and relaxation, she had the inner resources to find other strategies to meet her needs of financial security and fun.


Now that you have your left items from step #2 and you know why you keep doing them from step #3, it’s time to prioritize, schedule, and do them.

For prioritizing, I recommend The Eisenhower Matrix a.k.a. The Urgent-Important Matrix. Then schedule your tasks around your hours of sleep, times for meals and commute and other routines you have in place.

Now do them!

BONUS TIP: If you don’t feel like doing a task, I suggest breaking it in smaller steps. Get clear on the very first step and on the step after that. Having clarity might help you be productive. ūüėČ

Let’s RECAP!

When you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed,¬†do a brain dump,¬†focus on what you can control,¬†find the why behind the things that stay on your list,¬†prioritize, schedule, and get it done!

I hope my 4-step process brings you some clarity, hope, and motivation.

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Until next time, I wish you ease and flow in everything you do.

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