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This is a page where I share with you random tidbits about myself that usually don’t come up in a general conversation, but they’ll help you get a sense of my personality and values no matter my offerings and services.

  • My belief is that I’m a soul experimenting with being a human. And experimenting, I do! I search and research, taste and analyze, tinker and dabble until something is to my liking – or I decide to let go.

  • I’m interested in many things; I have my fingers in many pies and keep many irons in the fire, and I am curious to a fault. 😀 I read a lot, I think a lot, and, sometimes, I talk a lot.

  • Many people experience me as intense because I like exploring messy aspects of life – death, feelings, purpose, illusions, coincidences, etc. Still, they appreciate my candor, empathic listening skills, and insights.

  • Empathy buddies, meditation, yoga, journaling, and therapy keep me shielded from the tendency towards anxiety, depression, and addiction that run in the family.

  • Thoughtful conversations replenish me.

  • I live in Bucharest, Romania, with my life partner and our two cats, Lulu and Lexi.

  • I rarely go on social media, so don’t search for me there. I prefer purposeful communication by email and Zoom conversations (one-on-one or in small groups).
  • I frequently question tradition and authority. (Guess in how many troubles that got me?) Leaving church at 14, choosing to remain child-free, avoiding the 9-to-5 lifestyle as much as I can, etc.
  • I’m always intrigued by people’s stories and objects with history attached to them.
  • It can be quite a challenge to get me to do what I don’t want to do.
  • I usually work in spurts. When I’m hit by an idea, I can’t stop thinking and working on it.
  • I am a day-dreamer and idealist—my wishlist for the world looks like this: therapy for all kids, village-like support for all parents, compassionate behavior instilled naturally in everyone, etc.
  • The woo-woo stuff: I’m a 5/1 Human Design Generator (yep, I have a lot of energy). INFJ. Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP). Cancer with Moon in Gemini and Rising Sun in Libra.
  • I hate superficiality and pretense. I can smell them from miles away and I usually stay away as much as I can.
  • I am not scared of dropping something and starting something new. Especially when it comes to my career.
  • A lot of people experience me as intense—I like exploring themes like death, feelings, purpose, coincidences, and other messy aspects of life.
  • While I dislike housework, I am big on home improvements. Reorganizing my home in little—and sometimes big—ways seems to keep me happy.
  • When hungry, I can easily become snappy. Oops!
  • Empathy buddies, meditation, yoga, journaling, and therapy keep me shielded from the tendency towards anxiety, depression, and addiction that run in the family.
  • I thoroughly learned English in my early 20’s and bettered it in my late 20s, although I studied it for 10 years in school. I didn’t know much at the end of high school because I hated my English teachers for the period. Fortunately, I found kind teachers later and I am quite grateful for them.
  • I can become extremely restless and discontented if I don’t have a clear goal in mind.
  • I have a well-developed acceptance of the extremes of human behavior, feelings, and rhythms. My natural inclination towards empathy was honed by my practice in Nonviolent Communication and my interest in Buddhism.
  • I had to work hard at positive thinking so that I could balance out my negative patterns and my expectations of things going wrong rather than well.
  • I am a peace-maker at heart… And a recovering people-pleaser.
  • I immediately unsubscribe from newsletters that include GIFs. They are so distracting from the text.
  • I usually feel people out and can be quick to pick up emotions, moods, and needs.
  • I tend to attract in my life people of different cultural backgrounds—I have close friends from all over the world.
  • I have a great love for the feeling of independence and limitlessness. My freedom of action is extremely important to me.
  • When I was 5, I asked my parents for a sibling. One year later, the most amazing sister came to me.
  • My favorite ways of procrastination: going on learning tangents on a particular concept. Wikipedia is the greatest distraction.
  • I live in Bucharest, Romania, with my life partner. We are child-free by choice. My partner’s hobby seems to be cat rescuing so, besides our two cats (Lulu and Lexi), we are fostering many others throughout the year.
  • Favorite hot drink: Earl Grey with a splash of lemon juice. I would drink it daily at any time, but as a Highly Sensitive Person, it would be like drinking coffee each time. So I indulge in it from time to time. The next favorite hot tea is chamomile tea.
  • I find the behind-the-scene videos much more interesting than any movie or TV series.
  • I was a tutor for a while, in my early 20’s. I still think of ‘my’ kids and send them blessings.
  • My main love language is quality time—deep conversations and the willingness to be vulnerable are very important.
  • I donate monthly to SOS Children’s Villages Romania and UNICEF Romania.
  • I like online shopping 1000x more than in-person shopping.
  • I crochet—usually blankets and shawls while listening to podcasts. My late grandma, a passionate knitter, taught me the first steps. She tried to teach me knitting as well, but it didn’t stick.
  • I’ve always loved staycations long before the 2020 pandemic. Home Meditation & Yoga Retreats. Reading marathons. Online tours. Virtual gatherings.
  • We don’t own a TV. Or a car.

[to be continued]

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