Before you book a session, please read through the following conditions and user agreement for the contractual agreement MADI MIHALCEA enters into with each CLIENT.

All the prices are in US dollars.

The CLIENT MUST be at least 18 years of age.

The CLIENT is aware that MADI MIHALCEA provides an educational service and NOT therapy, counseling, or coaching. She is prepared to create a safe space to express yourself and brainstorm ideas so that you gain relief and clarity on your next steps.

MADI MIHALCEA’s calls are for 50-minute sessions. The CLIENT can book a session from the ones available in MADI’s calendar. Requests for time and day of the call and any further questions from the CLIENT can be sent by email or by using the contact page.

ALL SESSIONS are ONLINE via the platform (free, online, available for desktop and mobile). THE CLIENT needs a computer or mobile device with a camera, a microphone and a reliable internet connection.

If the CLIENTS hasn’t used Zoom so far, MADI requests that they create their account and log in BEFORE the meeting, so that, when the time comes, they just click the link they received in the confirmation mail.

The CLIENT agrees to be committed to creating a partnership with Madi Mihalcea in order to explore their feelings, needs, and possible strategies to improve their lives and relationships.

The CLIENT commits to creating a successful alliance that supports them in reaching their goals and living the life they want.

The CLIENT agrees to shape the partnership relationship to best meet their needs by sharing what they know about their own motivation, by co-designing structures that will support them, and by asking for changes if the presented strategy is not working for them.

The CLIENT agrees that MADI MIHALCEA cannot guarantee a specific outcome from the work that they do together.

MADI MIHALCEA wants to support the CLIENT’s ownership and autonomy in their process – the CLIENT will book their sessions one at a time, whenever they need, from the times available on MADI’s online scheduling calendar.

The CLIENT agrees that if they are less than 15 minutes late to a session, these minutes will not be made up at the end of the session. The session will finish at the time that was originally booked.

The CLIENT agrees that if they are more than 15 minutes late to a session or they cancel the session less than 48 hours before it, the session will be considered a no-show. NO REFUNDS are offered in this case.

In case of EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS (illness, car issues, etc) within less than 48 hours, the CLIENT will have two options: (1) reschedule within 2 weeks of the cancellation or (2) receive a refund. If the rescheduled lesson is canceled too or a no-show, NO REFUNDS are offered.

MADI MIHALCEA accepts 3 (three) emergency cancellations/client/year of collaboration.

MADI MIHALCEA assures the confidentiality for each CLIENT unless required by law.  

MADI MIHALCEA does maintain the right to ask the CLIENT to call the emergency number in their country or other professional help providers if the discussion touches on topics relating to suicidal wishes or physically harming another person or self, whether that be intentionally or not.

MADI MIHALCEA is NOT liable for claims of damages suffered by the CLIENT or any other third party.  (This includes but not limited to direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages for personal injury, wrongful deaths, a financial downturn from business, personal or otherwise, as well as relationship or health problems). The CLIENT willingly enters into this hold harmless, the release of any legal liability, upon the use of the services provided by MADI MIHALCEA.

MADI MIHALCEA maintains the right to conclude any call that becomes overly sexual, threatening, or disrespectful. It is the sole discretion of MADI MIHALCEA to refuse to offer her services.

All claims and disputes arising under or relating to these conditions and user agreements are to be settled by binding arbitration in Bucharest, Romania.

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